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Meet the Co-op Instructors!

Joyful Catholic faith

Mrs. Alyson Borowszyk
Teacher & Tutor
Contact Info: aly@alysonkellydesign.com

Teacher & tutor for French:  K - 12

Teacher & tutor for Spanish: K -12

Teacher & Tutor for GRADES 9 - 12:
History/Social Studies
  American History 

  European History

  History of Western Civilization
  History of Classical Antiquity, the Early Church, and Medieval Christendom

  Art History
Graphic Design
Web Design
Interior Design
Digital Media and Marketing
Physical Education ( Ballet Barre & Cross Training for Runners) 

Bio:  Mrs. Alyson Borowczyk is a 2012 graduate of Buffalo State College, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree (cum laude) in History, with a minors in Political Science and Art History. During her undergraduate work, Mrs. Borowczyk earned several departmental and institutionally-granted awards and scholarships, including the All College Honors Award and the Donald & Barbara J. Leopard Scholarship for Excellence in the Field of European History. She was also an active member of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society. Prior to attending Buffalo State, Mrs. Borowczyk worked as an actress in several regional theater productions and commercials.  She was also a theme park performer at Six Flags Darien Lake, and received theatrical and dance training through programs at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Broadway Dance Center in New York City.
      Mrs. Borowczyk completed her Master's Degree in History at Buffalo State College in 2017. Her thesis entitled, "'I Am the Handmaid of the Lord': The Spiritual Development of Mary Ward Amidst English Catholic Clerical Crisis, 1585-1630" won the Outstanding Graduate Thesis Award from the Graduate School Advisory Council. During her graduate work, she was also awarded the Edward O. Smith Scholarship for Excellence in British History. Her thesis was then chosen to be presented at the 2018 American Catholic Historical Association Spring 2018 Meeting at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland.  Her most recent presentation was at the New York State Association of European Historians Annual Conference, where she presented a paper entitled “Competing for the Hearts of the Faithful: The Jewel-Harding Controversy and the Northern Rebellion of 1569.”
    Mrs. Borowczyk is the former Debate and Current Events and Writing Composition Specialist at Chesterton Academy of Buffalo. She also formerly served as the Director of Donor Relationships at The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network. She is currently the owner and Creative Director of Alyson Kelly Design, LLC, a full-service marketing, graphic design, and web development company. She is also the host of the Saintly Women Podcast, an educational podcast that outlines the lives, thought, and spirituality of the Church’s female saints, and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Ballet Barre Instructor, and avid runner. Most importantly, though, she is wife to her loving husband, Aaron, and mommy to her two year old son, Maximilian.

Miss Maria DeSanto 

Tutor   English

Teacher Possible Theology Elective

Grades K-5/9-12
Contact Info: mariades@buffalo.edu

Availability- Anytime 


        Miss Maria DeSanto graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 2015. She has experience substitute teaching at the high school level at Mount St. Mary’s Academy and briefly at the Health and Sciences Charter School in Buffalo. Currently, her areas of interest include learning Latin, reading (usually the lives of the saints), journaling, and gardening! She discerned a religious vocation with the Carmelite Monastery in Ada, Michigan in 2019 and has since then been devoted to helping her family, most especially her grandmother. Her favorite saints are St.Therese Lisieux and St. Teresa of Avila. 


Miss DeSanto will provide English instruction to any students K-5, and incorporate Catholic literature to the mix! Additionally, she can provide assistance to high school students with more advanced assignments. 


As one also with a great love for theological studies, she would like to offer instruction to those interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, delving deeper into topics such as the lives of the saints, the beauty of devotions, the virtues, and discernment- i.e: Exploring the student’s God given talents/learning how they can best be used, and lastly, exploring religious vocations.



Mr. Alexander Gary 

P.E. - Any and all ages 

Math - Anything except Calculus 

Reading and Writing - All Ages 

Science and Science Labs - Elementary and Middle School (Could teach Biology at high school level)


History - Anything


Contact Info: alexandermgarey@gmail.com



Mr. Garey graduated Suma Cum Laude from Elmira College in Elmira, NY with a Bachelors of Science Degree in History, Business, and Criminal Justice. He is currently enrolled at the University at Buffalo School of Law  and enjoys playing Hockey, Rugby, Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee in his limited spare time. Outside of sports, Mr. Garey enjoys reading, playing board games, designing logos, and spending time with his family. As a revert to the Catholic Faith, Mr. Garey is passionate about helping others and serving the Lord. He has a strong devotion to the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet and regularly asks for the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Francis De Sales, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Maximillian Colby, St. Fidelis, and St. Sharbel Makhluf. Mr. Garey enjoys the Traditional Latin Mass, however he should probably spend some time in Mr. Andrew Suchyna's Latin Class because his Latin could use some work. Mr. Garey is excited about the upcoming year, and looking forward to meeting all of his students and helping them grow and discern what God is calling them to in their lives.


"Do what you do, and do it well, in order to give glory to God the divine Artist by whom you were created."

St. Francis De Sales  



As someone passionate about athletics, Mr. Garey wants to ensure that students at the Co-Op have the opportunity to compete in various sporting events throughout their time with the Co - Op inorder to teach the importance of teamwork, strategy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and having fun. Mr. Garey plans to offer both a team sport and a sport for individuals each season (Fall, Winter, Spring), with the sports being determined largely by what kind of interest exists amongst individuals at the Co-Op. Sports will consist of practices, strategic planning meetings, games or competitions, and team bonding events. Depending on the interest in a particular sport and current COVID guidelines, sports will either be offered as an intramural in which students at the Co-Op compete against one another, or represent the Co-Op in competition against other Co-Ops and Schools. Mr. Garey also plans to work closely with Mr. David Suchyna to develop sport specific physical training programs designed to benefit individuals in their chosen sport and in life as a whole. If an individual has a desire to play a sport that the Co-Op is unable to offer for whatever reason, Mr. Garey will work with that individual to find a place for them to play and develop their skills and abilities as well as their love of the game.



Mrs. Karen Genovese

Art Teacher

Studio in Art. This course includes the Fine Arts: drawing, painting, sculptures and ceramics and would be specifically modified to meet the needs of the student or students participating. 

Grades: K - 12     Students will be grouped accordingly.

NOTE: For Grades 9 - 12: Portfolio Development will be included in this course,

Interior Design Details to come! 

Mrs. Karen Genovese (continued)  


Art Club: will offer members a variety of options and introduce them to fiber art, jewelry, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics. Members may participate in various Art Contests and Community Art.  

Grades: K -12  Students will be grouped accordingly.

Contact Info: kgen234@msn.com

Bio:  Villa Maria College      Graphic Design - AS Degree
          Buffalo State College   Art Education   -   BS Degree
      Mrs. Genovese taught Art for 8 years in the Akron Central School District and is currently the                             
      Art Teacher at St. Mary’s in Swormville; she has been there for the past 18 years.


Ms. Madeline Greene

Contact info: greene26@my.canisius.edu


Ms. Madeline Greene is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Canisius College,

where she is a Dean’s List with Distinction student. She is a student representative in Canisius’s Honors College, and is the Treasurer on the Executive Board of Canisius’s Students for Life group. Madeline attended the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart, graduating with an Honors Diploma with Mastery of Math and Science, as well as a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation. Outside of academics, Madeline has always been drawn to serving children, whether as an Intern at the Pediatric and Adolescent Urgent Care, volunteering as a CORE member for parish “Edge” Middle School groups, or working with children in the Dominican Republic. The principles of Catholic Social teaching will be infused in the courses, clubs, and tutoring that Madeline will offer your children, so as to always point the future of the Catholic Church to the embrace of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Dr. Anna Kalinski
Teacher: Introductory Workshops - Medical Sciences
Grades:  Please see below
Contact Info: akalinski@gmail.com
Bio: Dr. Kalinski earned her MD (1995) from Warsaw Medical School, Poland and earned her PhD (2006) in Immunology from University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Main scientific interest: human autoimmune disorders. Author/co-author of several scientific papers.
2002- present: maternity leave.
Mother of 6 children ages 8- 23.
2015 -present: Catechist - Sts. John & Paul parish in Wexford, PA; St. George parish in West Falls, NY
2018- present: Music Minister for St.George

Immune System - Friend and Foe   Grades 7 - 12
This mini-course will provide an overview of the human immune system, its anatomy, physiology and pathology. Basic definitions and concepts (antigen, antibody, cytokine, immune response, tolerance , immune privilege etc.) will be explained. We will look at several different types of immune responses and how they function or malfunction in health and disease (e.g., allergy and autoimmunity) as well as their practical applications in therapy (e.g., infectious diseases, cancer). As a bonus, the course will also discuss immune tolerance mechanisms occurring  during healthy pregnancy, which will provide further evidence against the notion that  the child is just “a part of mother`s body”.             4 Hour Workshop


Introduction to Medical Research    Grades 9 - 12

This mini-course will provide information about different career paths, objectives, challenges and joys
of working in medical research for students possibly discerning such career in the future. A successful career in medical research depends on many factors, such as: persistence, knowing what your questions
are, designing your experiments in a way that will answer them, never ignoring results of failed experiments (they may be the most important!), scientific work ethic, etc. But mostly: persistence!                 1 to 2 Hour Workshop



Mr. Anthony Kunz
Teacher - Instrument
Lessons for the following Instruments:  piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, tuba/euphonium
Contact Info:  anthonyjkunz@gmail.com 


Mr. Carmen Meno
Math Tutor

Grades 7 & 8; High School Algebra, High School Geometry
Contact Info: meno1386@gmail.com
Bio: Mr. Meno graduated from State University College of New York at Buffalo 1970. He taught for the Buffalo Board of Education 1970-1998, and  at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart 2000-2003. Mr. Meno also taught at many catholic schools from 2005-2017. He taught math to students in grades 7-11.    Mr. Meno  also attended Niagara University for guidance and administration. 


Miss Catherine McLaughlin
Humanities & Art Teacher    (BS - Nursing/ RN, MA - Philosophy, BA  - English)

Humanities:  Theology, Philosophy, Social Studies/History, English and Literature
Grades:  5 – 10                    

Art: Painting with water colors
Ages: 5 - 12

Contact Info:  mclaughc@my.canisius.edu

Bio: Miss Mclaughlin grew up in a large Catholic family, with 8 brothers and sisters; her parents were devout Catholics and Pro-life throughout their lives.  Katie’s education was grounded in Catholic grade school, high school and college, where she received a four year degree in Nursing.  She worked as a nurse and then decided to acquire a degree in Philosophy in order to teach Medical Ethics.  After finishing her master's degree, Miss Mclaughlin worked in a Catholic grade school for over two years and then decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Philosophy at an Academie in Liechtenstein. After finishing her course work, Katie returned to the USA and began a career as an Adjunct Professor in Philosophy, working at seven different colleges, including teaching at Canisius College for eighteen years. During this period, she acquired a degree in English at Canisius. 
    After leaving teaching at various colleges as an adjunct, Katie became a substitute teacher at Catholic Academy of West Buffalo.  She has taught, at the grade school level, Religion, English, Social Studies, Science, Spanish and whatever was required according to the requests of the day.
    Miss Mclaughin’s interests include reading history, literature and biographies, art, walking, traveling and meeting with family and friends



Mrs. Cindy Peters Teacher / Tutor

Contact Info:  cindydom3@yahoo.com



  • Art: Grades K-12

(Offerings: Drawing and Painting, Religious Art, Art and Nature, Unique Techniques-ink blowing, string painting, etc., Crafts)

  • Tap Class Grades K-12 (beginner through advanced)


Clubs or Workshops: 

  • Landscape/Garden Design (i.e. Mary Gardens, Peace Gardens, Sensory Gardens, etc.) 

Grades 6-12

  • Catholic Girls Club (i.e. Little Flowers)

Grades 4-8

  • Art and Math Workshop (see how the two subjects can merge to represent God's Truth, Beauty, and Goodness)



  • Math: Grades K-8



Mrs. Peters is a devoted Catholic blessed with 3 wonderful children and  an amazing husband. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and a Masters degree in Art Education from Buffalo State College. For 7 years,  Mrs. Peters worked for a landscape architecture firm in Buffalo and a landscape design/build company in Orchard Park. Her love for children and encouragement from her husband led to a career change, enabling her to find the job of her dreams....a middle school art teacher.  She taught at Tonawanda City Schools for 7 years and  when the Good Lord built her family in an instant through the beautiful gift of adoption, Mrs. Peters left her job to raise and homeschool her children.  Through the privilege of homeschooling, Mrs. Peters' love for the faith has grown immensely, her commitment to guiding her children to sainthood has strengthened, and her interest in Math has been rediscovered! Currently, Mrs. Peters joyfully homeschools her youngest daughter and is thrilled to be able to share her love for her

faith, children, and teaching at the School of Two Hearts Co-op!



Mr. Andrew Thomas Melchizadek Suchyna

Tutor & Teacher                   Grades K – 12

Tutoring I am available to tutor any of the following subjects, as long as I have access to the course materials:

Math (especially Algebra, Geometry, or Trigonometry)






Teacher I am available to teach the following courses:
Biology Lab



Medieval History 

American History 


Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics (without the labs) 

Story Writing

Board Game Club  
      K- 12; grouped by age/ability; All are welcome (Co-op Students / School Students)
Bio:  Andrew Suchyna graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo in 2014. He has taught at the high school level for 5 years, focusing on Latin, Math, History, Government, Economics and Physics. Andrew has written and published three adventure novels.* He has experience with board game design and amateur film production and has started several small businesses with his wife. He believes education should be tailored to each student and be as meaningful as possible to life outside the classroom. He is the proud father of three young children, ages 4 months - 4 years old.


*  Check out Andrew’s books on Amazon:  
  The Right Road: https://amzn.to/2lAcwKY       

   The Left Road: https://amzn.to/2jXqVRb
Contact Info: atsuchyna@gmail.com   (716 )768-1304


Mr. David W. Suchyna
Course: Personalized PE Program 

Mr. David Suchyna will create an individualized Fitness Program for students of any age. His Fitness Program may be used as part of a PE Program.
Contact Info: dsuchyna24@gmail.com   (716) 361-9235

Bio: Mr. Suchyna earned a BS in Health and Wellness at Buffalo State College. He became a Marine in 2013 and received an honorable medical discharge in 2014.  David is currently a Personal Trainer at the YMCA; he leads group classes and provides individualized training for all ages (so far, ages 9 to 90+). David is starting his second year in the PhD Physical Therapy Program at D’Youville college.


Mrs. Maria (Daigler) Sugg
Teacher - Workshop: Buttercream Basics -  4 Weeks, Meeting once per week
                Grades 7 - 12

This mini-workshop will teach you how to use different piping tips to make beautiful creations for your delectable delights using buttercream frosting! You will learn how to make stars, shells, leaves, grass, roses, other various flowers, write (without making mistakes!), and more! This workshop will also teach you how to make your cakes perfectly flat and make the right consistency of icing for your creations, along with various other baking tips.
Contact Info: msugg.caritasacademy@gmail.com 

Bio: Mrs. Maria Sugg has been teaching Theology for the past decade in various settings. However, she has always said that if she wasn't going to teach, she would bake! Maria has taken cake decorating classes in the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating. She has made creations for various special occasions including graduations, showers, birthdays, and even four weddings! When not teaching or cooking things up in the kitchen, Maria can be found reading a book or taking long walks with her husband, Joshua. They have just welcomed their baby girl into the world on August 6,2020!


Mr. Joshua Sugg
Teacher & Tutor for Science, Art, Gardening & Trades
Grades:  Please see below.
Contact Info: jmssugg@gmail.com
Bio: Joshua Sugg is an Eagle Scout who graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Medicinal Chemistry. He has taught a number of courses including: Biology, Earth Science, Forensics, Anatomy and Physiology, and Art at the high school level, as well as being a Chemistry Merit Badge Counselor for Boy Scouts. He has an aspiration to bring people closer to Jesus and the Eucharist, and has volunteered often in both Youth Ministry and Mission work. In his spare time, Joshua can be found in Eucharistic Adoration or contemplating in nature as he strives to finish writing his book and multiple open projects.  Although Joshua nearly joined the priesthood, he ultimately discerned marriage, and he and his wife Maria have just welcomed their baby girl into the world on August 6,2020! 


- Earth Science--------------------------------- (all grades) *Recommended to take again in 9th

- Biology---------------------------------------- (all grades) *Recommended to take again in 10th 

- Chemistry------------------------------------- (10-12) *Ideal pre-req 9th Earth Science

- Anatomy & Physiology--------------------- (11-12) *Pre-req 10th Biology

- Forensics-------------------------------------- (10-12) *Pre-req 10th Biology and/or 9th Earth Science

- Botany/Forestry------------------------------ (7-12)   *High school level and/or upper middle school

- Marine Biology------------------------------ (8-12)    *High school level and/or upper middle school

- Independent Study Sciences--------------- (7-12)    *Sciences that students may want to learn 
                                                                                  possibly more specific to a career



- Art----------------------------------------------(all grades)

- Gardening-------------------------------------(6-12)

- Woodworking ------------------------------- (10-12)
- Construction--------------------------------- (11-12)


Mr. Brady Webb


After graduating from Maple Grove, Jr./Sr. High School, Mr. Webb went on to receive an Associate’s degree in Fine Arts from Jamestown Community College. Having been introduced to many mediums of art and design, he especially excelled at charcoal drawing and watercolor, receiving the Best-in-Show award at the college’s yearly student art show. Mr. Webb soon felt the call to enter the Catholic Church and pursue a future in Theology and Catechetics. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in Theology with a certificate in Catechetics from the Franciscan University of Steubenville. During his time there he was also working as an Artistic Design Assistant to the university’s Catechetical Institute, providing graphic design and creative assistance to the training and mentorship of catechists, teachers, and evangelists around the world. Soon after graduation, Mr. Webb became a parish Director of Religious Education in West Virginia for about two years before deciding to move back to serve the Diocese of Buffalo along with his wife, Christine. Mr. Webb enjoys delving into the works of G.K. Chesterton, playing guitar, arm-chair philosophizing, and gardening.  

Mrs. Christine Webb

Mrs. Webb graduated from Eden Central Schools and went on for a BA in German and History as well as an MS in Information and Library Science from University at Buffalo. She spent three years in Steubenville, OH after marrying Mr. Webb, who finished his schooling the year after they were married. She has experience as a camp counselor, private library cataloger, senior page in public libraries, as well as in food service (bakery and deli) and customer service. Her special interests include local taxonomy, foraging, folk tales and culture, classic literature, local history, and 19th century history, and she is an Anglophile.

Social Studies by Primary Sources (Tutoring or Workshop)

Various topics as required by your curriculum in social studies. I will bolster understanding of the time period studied at home by introducing cultural aspects of what people in that time period and place were experiencing on a day to day basis. Ex: relevant music, art, and technologies of the era will be studied and discussed to form connections between the time period studied at home and the wider culture in which the key events took place. Ex: If you are studying the American Civil War, we will view art created by abolitionists to engage their peers in the cause, read the letters of Civil War soldiers, listen to songs written at the time, view photographs from the time. We will also view primary sources of those reflecting on the Civil War afterward. Grades 4-12.

Civics and Civil Society (Workshop)

Civics is the study of the rights and duties of citizenship. Civil society is the third sector of society outside the government and the market (i.e. religious groups, clubs, societies, recreational groups, etc.). We will discuss how the government is organized and then how to participate in government on the local, state, and national level. Civil society will be discussed and practiced as well. The history of civil society will be addressed (the rise and fall of clubs and societies outside of work or home life, particiularly in the 19th century, but throughout history as an overview). And the clubs and societies available to us today. At the end of the workshop, participants will be encouraged to identify any gaps in civil society today and to think of a way to bridge those gaps. Participants will practice implementing a club or society by creating its bylaws, running a mock meeting for the club with their classmates as the club members, etc. Grades 9-12.

Critical Thinking / Current Events (Workshop)

We will cover basic logic in this course and apply it to current events and arguments heard in the news. We will evaluate whether an argument is invalid, valid (but not cogent), or cogent. Discussion of common fallacies and why they are false will be included. We will also learn about current issues and different opinions on these issues. Participants will learn to evaluate journalism to identify where the argument falls with regard to the issue and whether or not the argument is cogent. Grades 9-12.

Geography (Tutoring or Workshop)

A tour through a variety of map types: physical (features), political, topographical, political, climatic, economic (resources), road, thematic. We will also cover road signage for help navigating while on the road. Grades 5-9.

Technology (Computing) / Information Skills (Tutoring or help with individual research projects or Workshop)

User interface navigation skills, typing skills, word processing, presentation software, basic spreadsheet functions. Using open source datasets and evaluation of online resources. Grades K-12.

Myth, Folk Tales, and Legend (Workshop)

Discussion of the hallmarks of these different genres are and what they tell us about reality (readings may include “The Ethics of Elfland” essay by GK Chesterton and/or relevant excerpts from CS Lewis regarding fairy tales and myth). Reading a myth, folk tale, and legend from each of the student’s ancestral heritages plus additional regions or people groups of the world – i.e. Italian, Germanic, Celtic, and then at least one unit from each continent in the world, as well as more recent stories related to patriotism and American folktales representative of different groups and eras in the United States. Grades K-12.

Add on for 9-12th grade only: At the end, guest teacher Brady Webb will teach about the importance and history of inculturation (adapting the explanation of the Gospel to different cultures) as a principle of evangelization. We will end with an incluturation exercise: select a folk tale and envision yourself as the first evangelizer to this group of people to whom the folk tale belongs. Use the tale as “common ground” in an address to the leaders of that group of people to explain a truth about the Catholic Faith (like Peter in Acts of the Apostles).

Knitting Club

Participants will the following skills: cast on, knit, purl, stockinette stitch, and finishing. In the end, each participant will have a finished product: scarf, potholder, or other small item. Grades 4-12. Can be modified for younger children (i.e. arm knitting or finger knitting).

Please note: An additional materials fee may be necessary for participation in the club.

Gardening Club

Participants will learn the basics of vegetable gardening via raised bed gardening. Skills learned: assembling the layers of the garden bed: drainage, soil, topsoil, fertilizer. Starting from seed inside, thinning seedlings, hardening off plants (getting them used to being outside), transplanting seedlings to the garden bed, weeding, providing support to plants (trellises and tying up plants), home remedies to keep pests away, harvesting. Grades K-12.

Please note: An additional materials fee may be necessary for participation in the club.

C.S. Lewis Club

Participants will learn about C.S. Lewis’s life alongside reading his famous works! We will read some book passages aloud during our sessions and answer discussion questions as a book club. Featured works: The Chronicles of Narnia (2nd-12th grade), The Screwtape Letters, Out of the Silent Planet, The Great Divorce (8th-12th grade), Excerpts from The Abolition of Man, Miracles, and The Problem of Pain, The Four Loves (10-12th grade).

Cooking Club

Participants will make short one-hour or less recipes that they will then eat as their snack for that afternoon. They will learn basic food and kitchen safety, learn cooking terminology and abbreviations (i.e. tsp = teaspoon), and reinforce reading skills by following a recipe. Grades K-12 in sections (K-2, 3-6, 7-12).

Volleyball Club

Participants will learn rules of volleyball and basic skills. They will play team building games among running practice drills to build camraderie. Grades 5-12 in sections.


Mrs. Ann E. Suchyna

     Board Game Club  (Backgammon) with Mr. Andrew Suchyna
    Card Playing Club (Pinochle, Euchre, Spit, Nertz )
  Grades: K- 12; grouped by age/ability; All are welcome (Co-op Students / School Students)
  (Depending upon interest, Workshops for these games may be offered  2 - 5 sessions.)
Additional Workshops for students and parents may be offered after determining interest level of possible topics - available upon request.
Contact Info: annsuchyn.caritasacademy@gmail.com

  Mrs. Ann Suchyna graduated cum laude from the University of Rochester, with a BA in psychology and earned her Master’s degree in School Psychology at Alfred University.

Soon after earning tenure as a school psychologist in a local district, she and her husband celebrated the birth of their first child. As a result, she placed her school psychology career on hold and started her own business. 

         As President of ATS Educational Services, she provided private tutoring, testing, consulting and counseling for children, adults and families.  She also offered workshops to parents and educators on a wide variety of psychological and educational topics. 

         Mrs. Suchyna created and published the Game ClubTM Programs, which includes football and baseball board games designed to motivate students of all ages and abilities to learn.  She also created the Game ClubTM Tutoring Program and the Game ClubTM Math Challenge Program; the latter assists students of all grade levels to master their basic math facts.       

         Ann has taught psychology and other related undergraduate and graduate courses at various local colleges, including Canisius College, Medaille College and Daemen College.

         Mrs. Suchyna is often contacted by the media (TV and Radio) for interviews regarding psychological and educational issues.  Ann enjoys discussing these issues, and she analyzes their effects on children and society through the lens of her Catholic faith. 

         Mrs. Suchyna is one of the co-founders of Chesterton Academy of Buffalo, which opened in 2014.  She was the Academic Dean (2014 – 2016) and then became the Headmaster/Academic Dean (2016 – 2019). Mrs. Suchyna is now focused on starting the school that she had envisioned about 10 years ago: The School of Two Hearts. As the school prepares to open in Fall 2020, Ann is excited to provide students (of all ages!) the opportunity to learn and master the games that she has loved most of her life (Pinochle, Euchre, Spit, Nertz and Backgammon) via The School of Two Hearts Co-op Clubs!