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Chemistry Students

Our Future

The School of Two Hearts

We are currently operating as a homeschool co-op, but we look forward to the day when we can offer students the full School of Two Hearts experience.

This is the school we envision - the place we want to build.

At the Wood Shop
learning environment

A Dynamic

Learning Environment

Our Foundational Beliefs

Joyful Catholic faith

     · Subjects are taught within the context of our beautiful Catholic faith.

     · We will have daily Mass. We will have opportunities to say the rosary and to go to adoration and Confession.

     · All teachers and staff take an Oath of Fidelity to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church.

College Prep and the Trades

     · We are one human family with many diverse skills and interests. There is more than one type of intelligence. We want to help the children of God seek where their skills are and be the best version of themselves.

     · At the high school level, we will offer a classical curriculum, a trades curriculum, and the option to create one’s own path from a mix of the two.

     · We are the first Catholic high school environment to provide a trades path in WNY.

Whole-Person Thriving

     · BODY - We will have scheduled daily recess for all K-12 students in addition to physical education.

     · MIND - We will challenge our children so they can feel competent in as many skills and talents as God has blessed them with.

     · SOUL - Our K-12 theology curriculum will make learning the faith a joyful, awe-inspiring experience.  


Beautiful Surroundings

     · We recognize the importance and inspirational power of beauty. We will strive to use our environment to elevate the thoughts to what is most important.

Educating for Excellence
unique courses - woodworking


Learning Experiences

Unique Course Offerings

     · We will NOT teach Common Core or teach to state standardized tests.

     · We will bring in unique classes with real-world applications. Ex. The Science of Play, Creative Story Writing, Forensics, Culinary, Wood Shop, Interior Design, Marketing, Home Economics, Finance, Philosophy, Latin.


     · Students will get the opportunity to be entrepreneurs at our on-campus café – They will develop and test recipes in Culinary, learn how to price food/beverages in Math, and create promotions in Marketing. Students’ artwork will decorate the menu, their ceramics will be used to serve our customers, and their artwork will be on the walls - all available for purchase.

     · We will host dinners to function as fundraisers as well as opportunities for our students to learn how to set a formal table, design centerpieces, prepare food, serve and host events, etc.

Hands-On Applied Learning

    · We have an arrangement with Russell’s Steakhouse for internships for hospitality (Hotel) and food service (Restaurant) which could lead to employment.

     · We envision having a greenhouse. Here students can study science, serve the neighborhood with fresh foods, and grow foods to serve in the café.

     · We will teach language via immersion, learning naturally, not being tested – Classroom décor will be as though they are walking into Spain, Mexico, France, or Italy. The teacher will converse, use motions, play games with students, read stories, and write letters. Our goal is for children to be fluent in another language by 8th grade or sooner if they entered as kindergarteners.

Hands-on learning

Building Up Our Community

Several Paths

Service to Others

     · The school is in a neighborhood. Here we can learn the Works of Mercy, raking, shoveling, baking, etc. for those who cannot do it for themselves anymore.

     · We learn authentically as we serve others. Students can implement practical skills in the community by offering products and services: ex. Our interior design students can design a space for our neighbors, our woodworking students can build bookshelves, our sewing students can create pillows, cushions, drapes, etc.

     · It is also a goal to offer high school equivalency training. We want those who may have struggled in the past to feel welcome and see we are in this together.

Patriotism and Freedom to Learn

     · This is the United States of America. One’s zip code should not determine the quality of education that any student receives. The foundation for our government was based on the fact that we are created equal in the eyes of God. We were given freedoms because freedoms come from God.

     · We want our children to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have a purpose, they can strive and be the best person they can be, and they live in a country that will provide this opportunity for them.  

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