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Knights of Columbus
Madona Hall 755 Erie Ave, North Tonawanda


The School
of Two Hearts Homeschool

We are currently operating as a homeschool co-op, but we look forward to the day when we can offer students the full School of Two Hearts experience.

Our school will be an Independent K-12 school in the Roman Catholic tradition where students realize they are doing things for their own growth, their own skills, and for the glory of God, while also positively impacting their neighbor.

"For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members

of the body, being many, are one body; so also is Christ."

- 1 Corinthians 12:12 -

Jesus on cross

Our Mission

At the School of Two Hearts, we want to ensure students get a quality education where they can feel competent, know they are loved, have a sense of purpose, and learn about our beautiful Catholic faith.

Our Vision

If one’s self-concept develops and grows in the context of loving God and serving others, we will have a ripple effect throughout our world. Every child will be a light – a beacon who can impact others as they were impacted.


Several Paths

to Success

We are preparing to offer college prep, the trades, and a business path for high school students. We are one human family with many diverse skills and interests. We want to help the children of God seek where their skills are and be the best version of themselves.


Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

"I was overwhelmed by the teachers and ideas they presented! This beautiful school has the best mission! To uphold the dignity of every student and incorporate an individual plan for each child."

Kristin P.

Red Cross

"If you have kids and you are looking for a great school with great teachers, please check this school out. My husband and myself went to their open house this past weekend and got to meet and speak to some of the teachers and staff. We asked tons of questions. I can tell you as soon as my children are school age they will be going there!"

Katie B.

Red Cross

I sent my 5 year old son to The School of Two Hearts Summer Co-op (Session TWO) and he LOVES it! After a year of traditional preschool where he would often give me a hard time when getting off to school, I was shocked by his positive reaction to the co-op! After his first day he could not stop talking about how much fun he had and continued to ask when he could go back again!! We are so happy with our decision to send him to the summer program this year! He is learning and his independence is blossoming as a result! 

Mrs. R

Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

The School of Two Hearts Co-op was just what we were looking for! I began homeschooling my second grader this year for the first time; I was looking for a way to help him socialize, find community, and learn from other adults besides myself. Thanks to the co-op my son is thriving in his first year of homeschool instruction. He has made many friends, and it has made my entry into the homeschooling world much easier!! We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful place with loving instructors who truly care about our children!


Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

"Our family has had such a wonderful experience at The School of Two Hearts! Our children began the school year
attending once a week. Now they attend three days per week. Not only do the talented and experienced teachers provide invaluable support for us, as parents, but the social-learning environment has helped our kids grow and thrive beyond belief!  I am truly thankful for their program! Although we are non-Catholic Christians, our children have taken a strong interest in the Roman Catholic faith, particularly the prayers and Saints. My daughter (age 7) loves singing the songs. She learned the sign of the cross and Our Lord's Prayer in Latin, which brought her Papa to tears. My son (age 11) is amazed at all the Bible stories, which have all become a part of our daily routines. The School of Two Hearts truly has been our saving grace!"

Michelle C.

Red Cross

"I have had the privilege of teaching at The School of Two Hearts Co-op this past year and have been blessed by the
children who attend. Witnessing how their faith and love for Jesus has grown has been so rewarding.  One of the most memorable and beautiful class experiences involved a visit to the old, historic chapel next door for a Photography lesson. Before taking the students over, I explained what we would see and how to properly behave. This led to some pretty interesting class discussions! The students had so many questions about the Mass, the Tabernacle, the True Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, Confession, Eucharistic miracles, etc. Inside the chapel the students quietly approached the altar where they learned how to genuflect and then they knelt and said a prayer. Everyone participated and with great reverence. It was a beautiful sight! They proceeded to quietly take photos of the stained glass, altar, and statues. One student asked if she could say another prayer before we left; another asked if he could bless himself with the holy water. After leaving they were so grateful for their field trip to the beautiful chapel.
On another day, after another fruitful discussion about God and faith, one student proclaimed that he had learned so much about God at this Co-op and recommended that if parents want their kids to know about God, they should definitely send them to the School of Two Hearts!"

Mrs. Peters, Instructor at The School of Two Hearts

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